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Carly Patterson was one of the two fanlistings I adopted to first start owning some myself (the other was Shawn Johnson). I named it Golden Again because Carly was the first American to win the Olympic gold medal in the women's all-around since Mary Lou Retton did it exactly 20 years earlier.


 Apparatus: Balance Beam Apparatus: Uneven Bars Gymnast: Biles, Simone Gymnast: Douglas, Gabby Gymnast: Johnson, Shawn Gymnast: Komova, Viktoria Gymnast: Kupets, Courtney Gymnast: Maroney, McKayla Gymnast: Memmel, Chellsie Gymnast: Miller, Shannon Gymnast: Moceanu, Dominique Gymnast: Mustafina, Aliya Gymnast: Nichols, Maggie Gymnast: Podkopayeva, Lilia Gymnast: Raisman, Aly Gymnast: Sacramone, Alicia Gymnast: Sloan, Bridget Gymnast: Steingruber, Giulia Gymnast: Wevers, Sanne Gymnast: Wieber, Jordyn Gymnastics Team: Magnificent 7, The Gymnastics Team: Russia Gymnastics Team: USA Other: Ballet Other: Lipinski, Tara
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This is a fansite only. I don't know Carly or anyone she associates with. She will not receive any messages sent to her through this site. Additionally, none of the photos used belong to me.
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